Every morning, I wake up to a world that tells me to be someone I’m not. Like other women, I’ve felt myself being measured up against expectations I had never agreed to, from having kids to putting your career and self-growth second behind finding a man. One day, I realized the world completely disregards the fact that there is no one way to be a woman — the definition of the word isn’t black & white.

With my portraits, I’m trying to undo what the world has done. When I’m drawing or painting a woman, I’m trying to free her from the expectations. And, I try to free myself in the process. Not only am I freeing these women from expectations; I’m also drawing or painting women who are unapologetic for how they’re feeling whether it’s confident, brave, angry or conflicted. Because, I believe all women deserve to live and feel unapologetically.



Hi, I’m Shirene! I’m a Seattle-based coffee lover (big surprise) and proud Iranian-American. Other words that best describe me are artist (obviously), early riser, hygge fanatic, designer, solo traveler and writer. When I’m not being an artist, I’m pursuing my dream to work and live in Europe, going to bookstores and record stores, journaling and hanging out at my favorite coffee shop (Slate Coffee Bar in Ballard).