Gaining Strength Through Drawing

Originally posted on September 4, 2016.


Today, I decided to try something new: drawing a portrait where the subject's eyes aren't the main focus. Pretty much all my other portraits have the woman's eyes open and directed near or at the viewer, but this time I wanted to have the eyes diverted.

It's almost like what they say about the five senses where if one is blocked then the other four gain strength. After choosing to block most of my concentration from the eyes, that focus gravitated toward the woman's other facial features. I even ended up spending more time on shading. The original photo barely had any shadows, and I wanted to make my drawing a more intense version.

Also, I diverted a bit from my general drawing routine in terms of the music I listen to. I went for something fierce to hopefully bring out more emotion in my piece, and I ended up going with a Kimbra playlist. I hadn't listened to her in awhile and always loved her style! Below is the music video of one of my favorite Kimbra tracks. Enjoy!